Need Money

Excerpt from the book: The idea surrounding money takes on may aspects of yourself as you believe yourself to be. This text of thought surpasses old ways of seeing and being about money and its power, its uses, its needs and its spells. Money is and will always be an idea and nothing more. It is time to move on to a new understanding.

Money may represent power, control, manipulation or fun, but what it really is is only an idea. The true nature of who we are is the most important idea of our time.

Our relationship to money begins with our relationship to ourselves first. How do we view or accept ourselves? Are we giving? Are we worthy of receiving? Are we loving or lovable? These core ideas need to be addressed first before we begin to value or judge ourselves about receiving or retaining money or anything of value. Are we valuable?

The answer, of course, is we are all the most valuable “possessions” there are. Human existence is incredibly valuable in and of itself. We are all aspects of GOD and what could be of more value than that!

So open your understanding to the value you are and see yourself as worthy of the highest of rewards of which money is only a very minor aspect of the whole of you. “I AM THAT I AM!” stated with emotion, states that you are because you exist and that in and of itself is worthy of everything that is or ever was. “I am a part of ALL THAT IS” states that you are part of Universal Existence of everything sometimes called GOD. Know this as the reality of who you are.

Breathe and feel this idea. Breathe and feel this again and again. Now see if you are worthy of money or any other form of value assessment. This then begins to open the door for your understanding of your acceptance of yourself.

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