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When George looses everything he decides that it’s time to go and find some way to end the pain. What he finds is a new way to look at the human experience. From this new perspective he finds more of himself than he ever imagined.

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My Father Calls Me: One Man’s Way Back to God

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Surprise, February 1, 1991 What would you do if one night while you were sleeping, you were suddenly awakened and you noticed that your left hand was moving without your help? Ideas were flowing through you and being written by your left hand.

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One evening in 1991, businessman Don Marr was awakened suddenly from his sleep by a mysterious force. Ideas flowed swiftly through his mind as his hand would write on its own.

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After completing the requirements for his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration at California State University Fullerton, Don Marr worked in the business world as an advertising consultant for 32 years.

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Amazing Starlings Murmuration

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Don Marr on "Second Contact"

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