A Gateway to Higher Consciousness

Excerpt from the book:

Every one of us are beings of Light walking on a path of enlightenment. We all are just listening and looking for our place of achievement and recognition. As we look and listen for our place or niche, we think in terms of achievement or success but our true selves show up best by just being our true selves, Beings of Light and Love who share our existence and thoughts with our Loved-ones and friends and neighbors.

Presenting our true nature of Love and Light brings out the best of us every time we experience this idea or expression. Try it. Try expressing your true nature of Loving to someone and see how that truly feels. This is our true nature.

Find someone or thing you truly Love and express this Love for them and feel this expression in the center of your body. How does this feel? Breathe into this idea or thought of Love. This is who we all are. Feel this to the very depth of your soul. This is who we all are. Breathe into this again and again. This is the Universal Truth of who we all are.

WHY AM I? “Why am I here?” may be your question. You are here because you are a unique representation if this experience of Love you just created. Only you can represent this unique creation or example of this kind of Love you just expressed. Only you can bring to this planet at this time this creation of expression for all to see and for you to feel. You are unique. We all are unique in our individual expression.

So express your uniqueness in every chance you get to express this Love and Light to yourself and to the world.

We all make up the body of Universal Love and Light. We are just individual examples of this expression. So, in conclusion, express your Love and your uniqueness in all your work, all your play, all your representations of who you are or who you think you are, every chance you have to express yourself.

Love and light to you all.

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