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April 20, 2015


Time moving too fast ?


Want things to slow down?
What’s happening to our sense
of this thing called time?
Notice that days, weeks, months and years are all
flying by at an ever increasing speed?
Do you feel like more and more
stuff is being piled on your plate?
Can’t catch up?
Our Earthly spaceship is beginning to move
faster and faster.
We’re heard that time is a man made concept
that measures how long it takes for things to change.
Certainly things are changing, everywhere we look.
So what do we do now?
It might be “Time” to look at what does not work,
bless it and turn away to a new paradigm.

We’ve been told that time is money
and there is not enough of either of these.
We are not enough and certainly unworthy.
Only a few deserve to be prosperous and happy.
Others or even GOD are judging us
and time is running out.
Is this why we’re feeling broke ?
Could it be that the old paradigm of self is broke?
It’s “Time” to unplug from the old idea of
separateness, of me/us against the world,
or of us separate from each other and Source.

It might be time (a choice) to plug into a new paradigm.


From Chapter 22 (Master Number) of
“The Embodiment of GOD as a Whole”
(Being AT-1)
by Don Marr
This sense of the whole self as the embodiment
of the entire being is the knowing sense
of self that says, “I AM”, and knows that I AM.
When you experience this within the center
of the body and know that you are “I AM”, you will
feel a splitting off of the self within the very
center of your being. Contained within the self
will still be the entire being sense of the self.
You will be split into two sections. One is
the sense of the self that is separate. The
other is the knowing sense of self that is the entire
being of the whole being of God/Goddess/All That Is.
As you experience that wholeness within the being,
know that all is well. All is wholeness and oneness.
You will be the drop and you will be the ocean.
You will be the sunbeam and you will be the sun.
You will be the light. All will healed.
All will be whole in that moment when you feel
and release the old ideas of the past and experience
the new wholeness that you all are. Step into that sense
of self. Step into that sense of knowing with the freedom
to release the past in love, grace and beauty.
Step boldly into the present. Experience the wholeness
of the light that you all are, knowing that all is well.
All is peace.

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