Welcome to IdealSelfSystems.com Home of Don Marr, Author, Speaker, Hypnotist, Seminar Leader, Past Life Regressionist and founder of Ideal Self. Imagine, what would you do if one night while you were sleeping, you were suddenly awakened and you noticed that your left hand was moving without your help? Ideas were flowing through you and being written by your left hand. You ask what’s going on and you are told that this process is voluntary and can be stopped at any time. What would you do? Would you panic or would you experiment with it and see what you got?

In 1991 I had this actual experience. I had no previous experience as a writer and no affiliation with any religious organization. For several months I was awakened exactly at 3:30 A.M. and the process continued. This information seemed other worldly or of a spiritual nature. As I complied this information I organized it into several essays. Each one answered a specific question man has always wondered about.

This information may answer questions you have about life or may raise more questions. Have you ever asked who you were? What is love? What is God’s will for me? You may be surprised by the answers received.

These middle of the night experiences have resulted in three books. The first, A Gateway to Higher Consciousness, is a formula or guide to assist you in accessing your higher self or soul for direct communication. Following this information, I then co-created a second book, My Father Calls Me (One Man’s Way Back to GOD). This was followed by a third book, The Embodiment Of GOD As A Whole (Being AT-1).

These three books are guides to help you communicate with your soul, see specific answers from God and understand the concept of being at one with each other. See excerpts from each book below or click the title and purchase a copy for yourself.

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