My Father Calls Me

Excerpt from the book:

Universal Beings of Light express themselves in many ways. You have chosen a way of Light and Universal understanding. You have chosen your path, they have chosen theirs.

Do not judge yourself as right or wrong or as good or bad. Each path is chosen. Choose yours with love and joy in the understanding of who you are. Allow each freedom of choice without judgement.

Rejoice in who you are and rejoice in the who of who they are. YOU are who YOU are and THEY are who THEY are. Rejoice in everything that you both are.

Step into the full power of choice of who you are, or who you think you are. If, in the thinking of who you are, you see yourself as All That Is, then you have choice, you have power. You have determination of your existence, you have full destiny. You are at choice. No one, or no thing, or no entity, or no concept has the power over you that you have.

Know that as the truth of who you are. Step into that power, step into that magnificence. Allow yourself full freedom of choice in all things. It is your birthright; it is your destiny. Know that as the “who” of who you are. Play with that idea. Stretch yourself. Stretch your parameters, stretch your thoughts.

Move to this new understanding of who you are and watch the idea or concept of this separate entity that has more power than you, over you, disappear.

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